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Marketing Reporting, Analysis, Planning and Research for Excel Users

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Here’s How To Use Simple Marketing and Sales Management Tools in Microsoft Excel And Create Professional Marketing and Sales Reports, Charts, Analysis and Save Time, Improve Your Business Insight and Improve The Quality of Your Work…

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Introducing The Marketing Manager Bundle:Excel4Marketing Toolbox

A collection of Marketing Analysis and Marketing Research Tools, Templates and Charts for Microsoft Excel. This Marketing and Sales Analysis Toolbox allows Marketing and Sales Managers to develop effective Analysis, Planning and Strategies and create professional presentations, charts and reports with a click of a button in Microsoft Excel.

Excel4Marketing Toolbox includes the following Marketing Analysis and Reporting Tools: BCG Matrix, Perceptual Mapping / Positioning Maps, Marketing Metrics and Excel Dashboard Report, Benchmarking, Radar Charting, Performance Gap Analysis, Pareto Analysis and Pareto Charting Tool, Ansoff Matrix, Trend Chart and GE / McKinsey Matrix.

Sales Funnel / Sales Pipeline Analysis and Reporting Tool for Excel

Improve your Sales and Marketing Performance: Sales Pipeline is a Sales Management Application for Microsoft Excel – Fully Automated and Easy to Use Excel Application allows users to manage their Sales Management data and create Sales Reports with a click of a button in Excel so you get a better insight into your Business Performance.

Positioning Analysis Chart

Positioning Analysis Chart for Excel allows you to perform Visual Business Analysis on your Company’s Performances and your Top 5 Competitors’ Performances and Identify Strategic Positions and Analyze the Current Position of your Business. This is a great tool for Business Planning and Analysis, Sales and Marketing Development and Planning, Product Development and Developing New Go-to-Market Strategies. By using Microsoft Excel drop down menus you can create different Positioning Chart views on different Strategic Variables and Business Drivers.

RFM for Excel – Recency, Frequency and Monetary Analysis in Excel

RFM for Excel allows you to perform RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) Analysis of your Customer Data with a click of a button in Microsoft Excel. RFM for Excel is fully automated Excel Application which converts your customer data into RFM groups / segments and assigns RFM scores / rank for each of your customers. Based on your customer transaction data only, you can perform powerful marketing and sales analysis and develop profitable business strategies. RFM for Excel requires the following customer information: customer name, last purchase date, number of purchases made by each customer and the amount spent by each customer.

Customer Survey Dashboard


Customer Survey Dashboard is an Excel Application for Analyzing Customer Survey responses and creating Customer Survey Reports. This easy to use Survey Analysis and Reporting Tool for Excel is designed for developing customer survey questions, printing your surveys, entering customer survey responses, and analyzing and printing your Customer Survey excel dashboard report. This excel tool is very simple and very well organized so you just need to type your questions and your survey is ready to be printed. As you receive your customer survey responses you just need to enter your data and your Customer Survey Analysis and Report are created automatically.

FREE BONUS With A Purchase of Marketing Manager:

  • Marketing and Sales Dashboard – Profitability and Market Performance Scorecard
  • 99-Metric Dashboard Report
  • 160-Metric Dashboard Report
  • Competitive Benchmarking Scorecard
  • Customer Lifetime Value Template
  • Customer Retention and Profitability Analysis Template
  • Identify Relevant Competitors Template
  • Income Statement Dashboard
  • Industry Analysis Template
  • Marketing Plan Outline
  • Matrix Chart
  • Price Elasticity Chart
  • Supplier Comparison Chart
  • Top 5 Product Sales Chart

Creating Marketing and Sales Reports, Analysis and Presentations And Understanding What Really Drives Your Performance Is Time-Consuming Process…

Creating all the software, tools, charts, templates and reports included in your Marketing Manager Toolbox can take you weeks of your time in addition to the opportunity cost, frustration and time invested…

No matter what your company, industry, size, market… marketing and sales analysis and reporting is always complicated, time consuming, boring and most of the time you depend on others…

With the Marketing Manager Bundle now you can get organized, focus on your real business and stop wasting time and money… Focus on what really matters to your success.

Most marketing and sales professionals are not able to analyze their business due to lack of information and poor analysis and reporting. You need an organized reporting and analysis system to improve your business.

In just a few minutes you can fill in your numbers in Excel and use these simple (yet extremely powerful) excel tools to create stunning analysis and reports for your business.

“After 25 years in business I suddenly felt frustrated looking at the latest trends and fads in business intelligence and business analytics… Your product gave me everything I need to create awesome dashboard reports and presentations. Thank You!”

– Nancy Rojas, VP Marketing

“Awesome! We improved our customer satisfaction dramatically and improved our service because now we are able to work on the right projects and initiatives. I know at any time what the next potential improvement is because I can see what drives our success on one-page report.”

– Ruby Vega, Quality Manager, Seattle WA

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