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With this important information you can get rid of the types of campaigns that don’t work for your business and focus on continuous improvement for those which already work. By testing and measuring small changes you can improve your direct mail marketing on a continuous basis. In direct mail small changes in your strategy can make a huge difference so it is all about measuring. Every company using direct mail must develop the competence and process for measuring every single detail of the campaigns.

Direct Marketing Plan

Here are 3 very important tips to help you improve your direct mail marketing:

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1. Trust

In most cases the trust factor is a key issue for the prospect to take action. This is especially true if they have never done business with you before or they don’t know your company.

How to build trust?

There are a few things you can do:

Offer something free which the prospect can test, try and evaluate. This is an important step.

In addition, develop a powerful risk reversal strategy (use testing to measure different risk reversal performance and find out what works for your business). Frequently used risk reversal approaches are money back guarantee and free trial. The point here is to minimize or completely eliminate the risk for the potential customer. If they see no risk and they are interested in the benefits of your product they’ll proceed to the call to action. Why not? If your risk reversal approach is weak your conversion rate will go down.

2. Clear communication

Don’t let them guess what you are offering. Communicate clear in your headlines, subtitles, testimonials and call to action the features, benefits and value of your product.

In addition, always answer the most important question: What’s in it for me?

Based on your experience and feedback from your customers try to answer the most frequently asked questions – this will improve your conversions.

Every product and sales approach has a few major obstacles – a few thoughts that most prospects generally raise when they read about your offer. Try to address all of them.

3. Easy to respond

One of the key questions when developing and evaluating direct mail approaches is: Is it easy for the customer to respond? Use an effective reply card or other reply tactics like giving the customer opportunity to call your tool free number or visit your product page online to continue reading and learn more details about your product and reply by email or make a purchase online.

Your call to action is critical and will drive your conversion rates. Give a strong reason for your customers to act now whether your call to action is to join a mailing list online or make a purchase – your call to action is critical.

Think about what would be the strongest reason for the customer to buy now or act right now without delaying. People are very busy and they might be interested but they’ll forget if they don’t act at the time they have your mail in their hands. Use special deals, limited time offers and other legitimate scarcity tactics.

Direct mail marketing is both art and science. It is science because it is measurable and you can track, monitor and measure every step in the process and each and every variable. However it is an art because a small change in your envelope, headlines, call to action, success stories… can make a big difference which in many cases is the difference between profitable and poor marketing campaigns.

Always be testing and develop an effective continuous improvement plan for your direct mail marketing!

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