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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a Sales and Marketing Tool

In addition to the initial purchase cost of acquiring new products or services TCO shows all the relevant costs of installing, using, maintaining and managing the product. In addition, more detailed TCO can use the opportunity costs and the disposal costs of the product. Total cost of ownership can be a powerful sales and marketing […]

Sales Funnel – Sales Pipeline Tool

Sales Pipeline Management in Excel Sales Management has always been one of the most challenging business disciplines. Today, managing sales, developing business and generating new sales are activities that are even more challenging than ever before. In addition, sales management is one of the most stressful roles in business – the pressure for profits and […]

Return on Sales (ROS): Definition, Formula and Reports

Return on Sales (ROS) is an excellent key performance indicator (KPI) key to assess the business functional performance. ROS is additionally referred to as the company’s operating profit ratio. It can be determined employing this formula: Return on Sales = Net Income Before Taxes and Interest / Sales This kind of KPI is useful to […]

Sales Mix Analysis: Strategies and Tactics

The sales mix analysis is important because it can reveal important information about profitable products, not profitable products, products that are top performers, products that sell in very small quantities, products which are sold generally together, etc. The overall goal of this approach is for management to define the optimal mix of products which should […]

Social Media Research Ideas

Most companies and business professionals are already involved in social media marketing trying to promote their products and services and generate leads. However in addition to using social media for marketing, advertising and promotion there is another big potential of social media which is leveraging the data available for your business research. Social media is […]

Sales Index: Calculation and Formula

Since sales reporting is so important it is crucial for managers to identify the most appropriate ways to analyze and track their sales performances. In sales analysis one of the key issues is sales variations because of various internal and external business factors. For example when comparing sales for different company‚Äôs regions, products, sales reps, […]

Quality Tools, KPIs, Metrics, DMAIC and Six Sigma for Sales and Marketing

Quality management and control tools, concepts and methodologies like six sigma, total quality control, SPC, quality deployment, etc. are proven to be effective ways to improve the organizational process performances traditionally in manufacturing and industrial environment. When it comes to applying these very same strategies to sales and marketing there is a big disconnect simply […]

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