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How to Improve your Sales Funnel by Selecting the Right Metrics

Sales Funnel Management Tips and Tools Sales Funnel Tool 1. Your sales funnel is a process If you look at your sales funnel as a process, meaning consecutive stages and steps, you will realize that the strength of your overall process depends on its weakest link (step in the sales and marketing process). For example, […]

Sales Pipeline Analysis Process, Strategies and Tactics

The sales pipeline is a complex process which is of high value to the organization because the way you manage your sales pipeline will drive the overall sales performance of your company. The sales analysis can include various approaches. For example, you can analyze the overall team performance as well as individual performance. In addition […]

Sales Performance Analysis: The 4 Main Areas

1. Lead Generation Process Analysis Every sales opportunity starts with lead generation. While the lead generation process will be different for different companies the single common thing for each process is that it needs to create steady flow of high quality leads. It’s not always about the numbers – how many leads were generated but […]

How to Improve the Quality of your Sales Leads and Boost Sales Funnel Performance

If we start with the end point in mind of conversion rate in your sales funnel and how we measure it and compare with others we can quickly learn that some things doesn’t make any sense. Conversion rate varies drastically among companies and industries simply because there are too many variables that impact this ratio. […]

Value Proposition and Sales Strategy Plan Development

1. What we sell? While most companies define the benefits of their products and services the high performance sales organizations have clear and effective value propositions – more on this later in this article. 2. Who is the customer? In addition to creating customer segments and groups, successful business organizations develop an ideal customer profile […]

Sales Management Tools, Tips, Reports, Analysis, Articles and Templates

Sales management resources for sales managers and business professionals. How to improve sales performance, sales management, sales reporting & analysis, develop your sales dashboard and create sales reporting system by focusing on the most important sales KPIs and metrics for your business. Sales strategies, tactics and tips: Sales and Marketing Process Improvement with Six Sigma […]

Sales KPI Dashboard Reporting with Excel

Numerous businesses look at key performance indicators as being a way of measuring the achievements of the company overall performance. The KPIs measured may be grouped by company division or perhaps the purpose of measurement. The KPI report will assist managers to determine the key elements of good and poor performance in their business. By […]

Sales Manager for Excel: Sales Dashboard and Sales Funnel System

Focus On Your Sales Performance and Stop Wasting Time and Money! Here’s How To Manage Your Sales Funnel and Turn Your Excel Data Into Professional Sales Dashboard Reports With Easy-To-Use Excel Dashboard Templates… No Excel Skills Required! Just Fill In Or Copy Your Data In Excel And PRESTO… You’ve Just Created Your Professional Sales Report! […]

Data Mining Software

Data mining is the process of working with your data to identify important customer trends, behaviors, segments, patterns, etc. Every organization has historical data in one way or another. Customer purchases, customer inquiries, customer service interactions, customer surveys, sales reports, data from partners and distributors… all of these are good sources for data that you […]

One-Page Marketing Plan: 10 Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan

Definition A marketing plan is normally a typical business plan document which is created for the business to explain the existing marketing situation and describe the marketing strategy for the short-term and/or long-term future. Based on the planning time period a typical marketing plan will be an annual plan. However, the time period can range […]

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