What is Product Management?

What is product management as a function and driving force in your business Product management is an essential part of most businesses. As business managers, stakeholders and executives, having a good product management system in place can be a proper … Continued

Marketing Strategies for New Products

Many people have the desire to create their own business and become well-known and successful entrepreneurs. This is an area of growing interest in order to establish a niche within the marketplace.  Launching a new business requires considerable attention to … Continued

Pricing Strategy for New Product

Creating pricing strategy for new product? Consider these pricing approaches:   One of the most difficult problems both small to large size businesses encounter when launching a new product is setting an appropriate price for it, where consumers can feel … Continued

Pricing Strategies in Marketing

Different Types of Marketing Pricing Strategies   Pricing strategy in the market is the process of identifying the optimum price for a certain product that is yet to be introduced or already exists. Pricing, product, place and promotion makes up … Continued

Product Performance Excel Dashboard Report

Start Monitoring and Improving your Product Performance With Excel Dashboards: After you create the report through ascending items and also by means of descending whole funds, this report is furthermore easily obtainable in some sort of spreadsheet.Time frame selection would … Continued

Product Life Cycle Management

The Product life cycle explains the product evolution stages during the entire product life cycle. There are generally four product life cycle stages: market introduction market growth market maturity market decline Excel Dashboard Report Templates – Instant Download Market Introduction … Continued

Supply Chain and Product Management

As a result of these changes the product strategy will also require changes in the supply chain management. The supply chain as a chain of interrelated functions and organizations with a role of moving raw materials, products, inventory, packaging and … Continued

What is Brand Management

While generally brand is defined in a very limited terms such as company name, brand name and brand image, the overall perception of a brand is created as a result of the total experience for the customer which includes many … Continued

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