Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices

An organization should always be improving their customer experience. We are now in an age where customer expectations are continually rising. If your organization does not have a certain level of expectation they are looking for, they can easily find … Continued

Business Model Canvas Customer Segments

Business Model Canvas Customer Segments When it comes onto creating a business plan the customer segments section is probably one of the most important part. Without hungry and excited customers who are willing to go the extra mile to get … Continued

What is Account Management?

What is Account Management and Why it is important Account management is the ongoing process of retaining and growing the business with your existing accounts or customers.   It is widely used practice by sales reps and business managers in … Continued

Customer Value Proposition Guide

The customer value proposition explains the unique and specific benefits for your core customer and it is not necessary statement about your product and services. For example, your unique statement can simply communicate the way you do business – which … Continued

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

The perfect case scenario would be to have your ideal customer brainstorming and evaluating ideas with your team about what the perfect product would be in terms of benefits and features for the customers. In some cases this is feasible. … Continued

Database Marketing Tips

Database marketing is the most important part of successful direct marketing because it contains all the required information for creating customized and personalized engagement. Based on the prospect’s and customer’s source, stage, interest, engagement, etc. personalized experience can be created … Continued

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is critical and challenging. Understanding and quantifying your current customer base is the starting point for any successful segmentation. This step in the process requires decision makers to analyze the customer data. You need to define your current … Continued

Customer Retention Strategies

Effective customer retention is a strategic long-term process and it is organized and executed throughout the entire life of the customer from the very first customer engagement till the end. In order for the customer retention program to work successfully … Continued

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