ADL Matrix Tool Arthur D. Little Model

ADL Matrix Portfolio Management Model Arthur D. Little Area of planning on strategy consists of taking into consideration the condition of your current industry; focusing on how your business matches it; as well as, from that, finding out the best … Continued

Ansoff Matrix Examples

Marketing Analysis Tools: Ansoff Matrix   The Ansoff Matrix is used for planning and analysis of alternatives for business growth. How to use the Ansoff Matrix: This matrix considers existing and new markets and existing and new products for business … Continued

BCG Matrix Example and Template

BCG Matrix Tool BCG Matrix also known as Growth-Share Matrix is strategic tool for portfolio planning and analysis. BCG Matrix is used for current portfolio analysis, portfolio planning and development, and new strategy development – developing and positioning new businesses … Continued

7Ps of Marketing Mix with Examples

The 7Ps of Marketing The Marketing Mix 7Ps of Marketing: The part of the Marketing Mix is always to help create a bundle that won’t just fulfill the requirements of your customers in the target market segments, but at the … Continued

Call Center Metrics and KPIs Examples

More Examples of Call Center KPIs and Metrics   Here are 8 call center metrics that any call center manager needs to track and monitor daily. Call center reports having the right effective metrics for the performance of the call … Continued

33 Networking Tips for Business People

33 Tips for Networking These networking tips will help you improve the results of your networking by polishing your current networking skills and strategies: Networking tips and strategies:       1. Look for good introductions Identify somebody that knows … Continued

How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness in Business: The simple truth is all of us invest marketing money to show off on industry events, to go to activities, to have seminars, and also to create ads for promotions.     How … Continued

Fixed Price Strategy Examples

Examples of Fixed Price Strategy With Tips on How to Use It The idea driving the fixed price will be reducing customer doubt associated with a selling price, that could be as a result of market changes, timely factors and … Continued

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