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Actual vs. Target Value Excel Chart

KPI Development Template

Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems, Applications, Software and Warehouse KPI/Metrics Management Templates   A great Warehouse Management System or WMS is a software application, designed to aid Warehouse or Distribution Center Warehouse Management Systems will be generally tactical software, bought and used by companies to reach a unique client demand requirements of their supply chain and distribution […]

Supply Chain Management Excel Dashboard

Excel Dashboard for Supply Chain Management Supply chain management excel dashboard focuses on reporting the major KPIs and metrics through professional and easy to use excel dashboard reports templates (Download free template to define your supply chain metrics and KPIs). The purpose of creating your KPI supply chain dashboard is to better organize your KPI […]

DIFOT And OTIF (Logistics And Supply Chain KPIs)

DIFOT And OTIF KPIs: One of the most important key performance indicators in supply chain management and logistics: DIFOT and OTIF, both of these logistics KPIs are among the standard metrics and key performance indicators for reporting and managing performance in logistics and supply chain management. They measure in case the Supply Chain was in […]

Process improvement: Simple 5-step guide to improve your business processes

Process improvement possibilities can be found just about anywhere within your organization. Improving a business process is vital element for any business organization within a competitive environment. Discovering processes within your company which can be enhanced can be done by developing awareness of exactly how effective and efficient they are. By improving your processes you […]

Supply Chain and Product Management

As a result of these changes the product strategy will also require changes in the supply chain management. The supply chain as a chain of interrelated functions and organizations with a role of moving raw materials, products, inventory, packaging and everything until the final products are delivered to the end users, require strategic planning and […]

Supply Chain Metrics: Cycle Time KPI

Why this metric is important? Many companies compete on speed and reliability – these organizations include the logistics companies like FedEx and DHL and retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart. In addition industrial and B2B companies are also focused on improving the cycle time in order to improve delivery times and productivity. The benefits of efficient […]

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