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KPI Development Template


Activity Based Cost (ABC) Models and Analysis

Activity based cost is a management approach that recognizes those activities that the company executes, and after that designates indirect costs to products and services. An activity based costing process identifies the connection among expenses, systems and products and services, and by way of this particular relationship designates indirect costs to products and solutions significantly […]

What Are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

To understand what is KPI, let us draw parallels with football, you have your offensive line and your defensive line and the success of the team depends on the performance of both the lines. Similarly, in business the success depends on certain parameters or activities and these are used as characteristics on the score sheet […]

What is Quality Control?

This QC system of processes includes controlling and effectively managing all the incoming materials, tasks, human activities, equipment, machines, automation, statistical process control, etc. to ensure that each step in the process satisfies the specific standards. Quality can be controlled throughout the entire process. The sooner in the process quality errors are detected the better […]

Volume – Cost – Profit (CVP) Analysis and Excel Templates

During business planning, strategy development, budgeting and financial planning business managers will most likely give attention to product sales (quantity in addition to valuation) together with earnings overall performance. Long term strategies in many cases are based upon exactly what has long been accomplished previously having an focus on development plus, with regard to larger […]

Traditional Costing vs. Activity Based Costing (Excel Software and ABC Guides)

Effective cost analysis allows organizations to identify all costs related to doing business. When costs are allocated to particular products, departments, activities, services, customers, etc. managers can improve their knowledge and understanding of the real cost structure. As a result, management is capable of making informed decisions such as how to price certain service, how […]

Balanced Scorecard Internal Process Perspective

The balanced scorecard is standardized management methodology in a way that analyzes the organizational performances by using 4 different perspectives: financial, customer, internal processes and organizational learning perspectives. Each of these 4 perspectives together create a strategic framework by using cause and effect relationships among various perspectives. The internal process perspective deals with the measuring […]

QC, SPC, Six Sigma, Quality Management, Quality Control Tools, Tips, Articles and Templates

Total Quality Management Guides, Resources, Software, SPC Control Charts and more quality tools and templates for quality professionals. Tips and Questions for your new Pilot QC Process Well, you have been developing the new quality control process and looking forward to implement it and see the expected results and improvements – however starting with a […]

Quality Tools, KPIs, Metrics, DMAIC and Six Sigma for Sales and Marketing

Quality management and control tools, concepts and methodologies like six sigma, total quality control, SPC, quality deployment, etc. are proven to be effective ways to improve the organizational process performances traditionally in manufacturing and industrial environment. When it comes to applying these very same strategies to sales and marketing there is a big disconnect simply […]

How to Select the Best KPIs for your Business

The right place to start selecting and deciding on what overall performance signs will be the key to evaluating the success of a certain organization must be the ones that the management utilizes on a regular basis for managing the company performance. Most business managers often use reports with their top financial KPIs, although they […]

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