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Actual vs. Target Value Excel Chart

KPI Development Template


Cost Benefit Analysis Template Excel

Cost-Benefit Analysis Templates for Excel Before undertaking a project or projects it is important to perform cost benefit analysis. If you don’t what is cost benefit analysis, it is basically the process of calculating the costs that’s going to be involved in executing a project and the benefits that you will get from your project […]

How to Calculate Overhead Rate Depending On Direct Labor Costs

Simple Way to Calculate Your Overhead Rate Based On Your Direct Labor Cost Direct labor cost will depend on the quantity of hours worked and also the average rate per hour for labor straight active in the produce of goods. Overhead expenses are indirect costs, for example admin and also quality control. The main price […]

Production Planning and Scheduling Excel

Production planning and scheduling with Excel Templates Using Excel to create a production plan and schedule for your organization can be very useful. It will help you to set up your different daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly targets in Excel. So you can overview your different production processes to make sure everything runs efficiently. […]

How To Allocate Production Overhead Costs

Allocating Manufacturing Overhead Costs plus ABC Costing Examples and Templates How To Allocate Production Overhead Costs: Under the recognized accounting concepts or GAAP – production overhead should be allocated to every unit created. Production overhead is costs that are associated with the production of goods that cannot be instantly allocated to specific unit or product. […]

Lean Manufacturing And Six Sigma Manufacturing Strategies

How to Use Lean Manufacturing And Six Sigma Manufacturing Approaches.. Lean manufacturing and six sigma are techniques to minimize costs and make improvements to quality in production. Even though lean manufacturing and six sigma will be preferably ideal for production, those methods could be used over an array of market sectors, such as healthcare management […]

Understanding Inventory Shrinkage And Manufacturing Inventory Processes

Inventory Shrinkage And Manufacturing Inventory Systems Inventory Shrinkage: Companies that generate revenue through products selling to their customers get the products by buying them from manufacturers, distributors or by developing them from scratch – from their raw materials. In each case, these companies report products sold along with the related inventories in order to track […]

Production Planning and Inventory Control

Tips on Production Planning and Inventory Control Production Planning and Inventory Control: When you’re manufacturing products, performing inventory control and production planning should be a huge part of your business strategy.  Production planning is when you plan out the different processes in your production system for the future. This will help you in planning whether […]

Most Common Tools Used in Manufacturing Planning

Tools Used in Manufacturing Planning Manufacturing planning is forecasting and anticipating the manufacturing demand and volume in the future. Numerous organizations depend on specific products in order to drive and grow profit. To make sure these products will go on to satisfy the goal, the organization should depend on efficient manufacturing planning. The process of […]

What is Andon System and How It Works?

What is Andon system Andon system is originally manufacturing management and control system developed by Toyota as part of lean manufacturing, process improvement and continuous quality improvement. Andon is originally a manufacturing management term making reference to a method or quality control approach used to alert manufacturing managers, supervisors and workers of any current process […]

Centralized vs Decentralized Manufacturing

Centralized vs Decentralized Manufacturing Centralized vs Decentralized Manufacturing – Comparison of Major Differences and Advantages: Organizations that decentralize manufacturing break up production processes in different places. This additionally shifts organizational structure of the business. Making decisions is usually distributed between multiple manufacturing managers. In addition, managers who work in advertising and marketing, hr and R&D, […]

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