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How to Do Lean Manufacturing Audit

Planning and Executing a Lean Manufacturing Audit Lean manufacturing concepts derive from the theory that an organization is in its very best any time it reduces waste plus enhances the available assets. Putting into action lean manufacturing plans and techniques in the business is an excellent approach to improve business efficiency and operational productivity, and […]

How to Document Management Goals and Track Progress

How to Document Management Goals and Report Progress Management goals may be documented to monitor exactly how people and teams do in the direction of attaining the business goals. Documentation may be feasible and less difficult when the goal-setting follows precisely what is widely referred to as SMART criteria. This means the actual company goals […]

How to Perform QA Audit in Business

How to Perform Quality Assurance QA Audit High quality may be the most important issue when your company is in the industry of product development. Whether or not your current product is a technology or equipment that could eventually turn out to be portion of another process, programs which deal with and guarantee high quality […]

Quality Report Format in Excel Templates

Excel Quality Report Format Templates Quality reports help you to give a brief summary of the quality of a certain operation or product in your organization. It’s an essential task that must be performed in any business. For example suppose you are figuring out if your product is ready to go to market. But before […]

Quality Plan for Construction Projects

Construction Projects Quality Plan In a highly regulated industry like construction a quality plan is necessary to not just keep workers safe. But to ensure that the project is carried out consistently and it’s in compliance with a certain level of quality. For those who don’t know what a quality plan is well it’s a […]

Project Appraisal Techniques with Examples

Project Appraisal Techniques At times organizations tend to have lots of projects being started but they are not evaluated properly. As a result of that those projects will have a larger a risk of failing and when it does persons tend to play the blame game. That’s really not the way to do it when […]

Process Based Quality Management System Examples and Templates

Process Based Quality Management System Customers like purchasing from a company which constantly provides excellent products and services. On the other hand, the sensation might last merely a short period of time. Many companies manage to position themselves well however in long term they somehow lose their competitive edge.     The organization’s quality control […]

Measuring Quality of Products and Services

Quality Systems and Tools for Evaluating the Quality of Services and Products Your customer satisfaction is always influenced by quality of your products and services. Consequently, the actual purchase motives of the customers, customer loyalty and in the end the company sales flow are influenced by the customer satisfaction level.     In this customer […]

Quality Assurance Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives in Quality Assurance Management If you are serious about creating an outstanding product for your customers a good quality assurance strategy is necessary. This will inevitably lead to them creating a loyal brand where customers can come to use and love. What is quality assurance? It is basically the process of maintaining […]

TQM and Strategy Planning and Execution

Total Quality Management for Strategic Plan Development and Implementation Total Quality Management or TQM offers a company the various tools to achieve a new competitive advantage within the market. TQM concentrates the actual company objectives on the approach to quality and achieving the requirements from the consumer.     Strategic planning is really a instrument […]

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