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Employee Engagement Ideas: 15 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is not really another one-time project or even something you need to do annually or periodically. It’s an essential strategic effort which drives employee effectiveness, achievement, as well as ongoing development on a continuous basis. It is the end result from the way your company treats individuals to create the common business success. […]

HR Management, Metrics, Dashboard, KPIs and Reporting Tips, Articles and Templates

NEW: Quickly Convert your HR metrics into HR Dashboard with 1-Minute Excel Dashboard (No Excel Skills Required) – Find out how HR Managers take advantage of this fill-in-the blank approach…. Learn More HR Reporting and Analysis Templates, Tips, Guides, Resources and Tools for HR Managers and HR Professionals. HR Metrics, Developing HR Dashboard, HR Templates, […]

Construction Industry Metrics and KPI Dashboard Reporting

The need for KPI management in construction industry: Managing a successful construction business today is a big challenge. The business environment is getting more competitive and demanding for owners and managers of construction companies. Maintaining an acceptable level of performance and profitability is both an art and science even for the experienced manager. As a […]

What is Benchmarking?

What is benchmarking and 7 steps of effective benchmarking What is benchmarking? Benchmarking in layman terms means the process of comparing yourself to others. In business it means to compare your processes and common business practices to your more nearest competition or more preferably, comparing to market leader. The benefit of benchmarking is that you […]

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