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Employee Attendance Tracking Sheet

Time Sheets Even for the salaried professional, it is not uncommon to fill out a timesheet that aids payroll in providing paychecks and tracking vacation, sick, and other time off. Sign-Out Boards For employees who work in the field in particular, establishing a sign-out board is a good way to keep track of employees’ whereabouts […]

Cost to Hire a New Employee (HR KPIs and Metrics)

Every time a company makes a decision to hire a new employee it should look at the total cost. By focusing on the direct cost only or focusing on the salary range in many cases poor decisions are made. This is especially true for many professionals like legal, IT, sales, marketing, etc. As an example, […]

Recruiting Strategies and Solutions

Recruiting Challenges in Today’s Difficult Market Obtaining the right person for the right position can be a challenge. Though with today’s multitudes of recruitment methods life can be a bit simpler, the economic situation does not allow for much flexibility. Traditional methods of recruiting employees through advertising, internal job postings, job fairs, college recruiting, and […]

Employee Accountability

Businesses employing sales staff and other field personnel in particular are potentially vulnerable to issues such as time theft and decreased productivity. The first step in establishing standards of accountability is to state what needs to be done, clearly. The goals listed in the business plan should be reflected in the employee job description and […]

How to Measure HR Productivity?

Employee Productivity Ensures Company Success Employee productivity should and can be maintained and monitored. It is a management function directly tied into employee morale. Employees’ success depends on management support, which in turn yields expected progress, profit, and success. Employees must be motivated to produce. Old school thinkers believe salary and promotional opportunities create motivation, […]

Employee Engagement Ideas: 15 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is not really another one-time project or even something you need to do annually or periodically. It’s an essential strategic effort which drives employee effectiveness, achievement, as well as ongoing development on a continuous basis. It is the end result from the way your company treats individuals to create the common business success. […]

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