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What is the Blue Ocean Strategy?

What is the Blue Ocean Strategy, How to use it and Free Strategy Templates     Blue ocean strategy is a business idea that gives merit to the situation whereby companies search for uncontested space within a market rather than engaging in competition with other companies. Traditionally companies get involved in vigorous fight against each […]

HR Management Tips: 6 Skills To Become A Better Manager

The following six skills will help you deal better with people within your organization and become a better manager:     1. Being organized HR management demands a good organized strategy. Structured documents, solid time management abilities, as well as individual effectiveness tend to be crucial to HR performance. You happen to be working with […]

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems, Applications, Software and Warehouse KPI/Metrics Management Templates   A great Warehouse Management System or WMS is a software application, designed to aid Warehouse or Distribution Center Warehouse Management Systems will be generally tactical software, bought and used by companies to reach a unique client demand requirements of their supply chain and distribution […]

Critical Success Factors Examples

Critical Success Factors Examples (Part 1) Everyone that deals with a company understands precisely how difficult it is actually to avoid the actual everyday tasks and determine how effectively the organization is actually executing. It has been explained that everything that can get tracked, can get accomplished nonetheless discovering a good way to evaluate how […]

General vs. Specific Business Metrics and KPIs

Balancing Generic and Specific KPIs on your Business Dashboard and Scorecard… Every effective business scorecard should give a nice balance between both general metrics (directly referring to the success of your organizational goals and objectives) and specific business metrics (mostly KPIs related to a department or organizational function measuring a very specific performance). General business […]

Organizational Change Management Template

Free Organizational Change Management Templates Organizational  Change  Management  is  the  tactic  to transitioning  the  corporation, the  teams  and also  people  right from  the current state towards new state. It may help an organization incorporate and straighten up  people, operations, culture  and  approach. Organizational change metrics and KPIs (Download free template) The idea  is actually  most  […]

Stakeholders Analysis: 5 Steps to Analyze your Key Stakeholders

Why are stakeholders important? The most important issue regarding your stakeholders is that they all have different interests in your business and sometimes their interests might be in conflict with one another. It is your job to make an assessment and analysis of your stakeholders and develop strategies which take into consideration the pros and […]

Pareto Principle Examples and Applications in Business

Juran, the management guru, proposed the rule and additionally referred to as Pareto Rule or Principle after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. In Italy Vilfredo Pareto recognized that 80% of the land had been actually owned by 20% of the people. Later Pareto formulated the rule as a result of learning about similar events. Today, […]

10-Step Business Planning Process

Business Plan Templates And Software Behind every successful business plan there is a carefully executed business analysis. Creating a business plan involves variety of important parts like marketing plan, financial plan, operational plan, sales forecast and budget. In order to develop a good business plan, one which will be an effective guideline for your business, […]

SERVQUAL Model: How to Measure and Improve Your Service

The SERVQUAL concept measures the service quality on the basis of multiple service quality drivers and there are variations of what should be measured and what drivers make the overall service experience and many organizations have been adopted the model by defining their own service quality drivers based on their business model and their customer […]

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