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How to Create Whale Curve in Excel: Free Excel Template Download

Whale curve can be easily created in Excel. Most of the Excel users trying to create Excel chart with whale curve are looking at visually analyzing and reporting their customer profitability. While this chart can be used by anyone in business – most of the users come from companies with large customer base like logistics […]

Working Capital Management

Working capital is actually the difference between company’s current assets and current liabilities and it is a very important financial ratio showing the company’s liquidity and efficiency. The current assets (reported on the balance sheet) include cash, accounts receivable and prepaid expenses. On the other hand, current liabilities are paid either by the current assets […]

Balanced Scorecard Financial Perspective

– financial perspective (measuring and managing financial results – revenue, profit, returns, etc.) – customer perspective (strategies and tactics related to marketing, sales, CRM, etc.) – internal process perspective (KPIs for managing the operations efficiently and effectively) – learning and development perspective (developing sustainable organizational core competencies) The top of the balanced scorecard report includes […]

Cost to Hire a New Employee (HR KPIs and Metrics)

Every time a company makes a decision to hire a new employee it should look at the total cost. By focusing on the direct cost only or focusing on the salary range in many cases poor decisions are made. This is especially true for many professionals like legal, IT, sales, marketing, etc. As an example, […]

Cost-Benefit Analysis Review and Tools

The decision or alternative might be a project, investment, organizational change and any business initiative. In addition the same approach can be used for evaluating cost and benefits for stakeholders such as customers. What is involved in the analysis? 1. Evaluation of the change in total cost with or without a certain alternative including all […]

Financial Ratios, Statements, Analysis, Reporting and Planning Tips, Articles and Templates

Financial ratios, metrics, KPIs, financial statements analysis, financial reporting, planning, performance, financial dashboard development and more financial resources: Traditional Costing vs. Activity Based Costing Traditional costing treats overhead using the amount of a certain cost driver, like the volume of work hours required to manufacture a product. Cost driver is actually a point that triggers […]

Financial Ratios Analysis and Formulas

Net Profit Margin Return on Assets (ROA) Return on Equity (ROE) Inventory Turnover Days Inventory Outstanding Average Collection Period Operating Cycle Fixed Asset Turnover Total Asset Turnover Working Capital Turnover Debt Ratio Debt to Equity Ratio Times Interest Earned

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