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Financial Statement Analysis with Financial Ratios

What are financial ratios and why financial ratios are important Managers and decision makers in every business deal with a lot of information on a daily basis. Average manager deals with a lot of financial data, reports, spreadsheets, targets, performance results… …overloaded with too much data managers can easily lose track of what is really […]

Excel Tools for Financial Ratio Analysis

Effective managers and analysts use both quantitative and qualitative company analysis to better understand the organizational performance and financial situation. While the quality part of the analysis includes gathering input from the company management, executives, clients, vendors, etc. the quantity type of analysis includes financial analysis of financial statements and ratios. The ratios or KPIs […]

How to Analyze Financial Statements: Tips, Tools and Excel Templates for Managers

Financial statement analysis is a technique of learning about the business profits and risk of a company or part of the business by using evaluation involving documented financial data, by making use of various management applications and tactics. Analyzing the particular overall performance of the company could be tough and needs a methodical selection and […]

Excel Financial Templates, Dashboards, Scorecards, Software and Financial Analysis and Reporting Tools for Excel

Financial Dashboard, Financial Ratio Analysis, Financial Business Plan, Activity Based Costing, Accounts Receivable Manager, Financial Templates, Excel Dashboards and more… The financial templates and Excel business tools that will save you many hours, frustrations and help you focus on your job, improve you business insight and your current performance. These financial templates are used by […]

Virtual Business Analyst | Outsource Analysis and Reporting

Customized Business Analysis, Reporting and Development Services for Your Business The same benefit as having full-time expert in your office for a fraction of the cost! Organization specific activities, core capabilities and critical activities delivering value for your customers belong to your organization. However, it is feasible and in most cases beneficial for many business […]

Business Scorecard Examples

Executive Business Scorecard (2007-present) This is an example of Executive Business Scorecard Dashboard designed, developed and managed for a global corporation. This business scorecard reports information from different business functions as well as critical departments, sites, and locations. This scorecard report can incorporate all critical business information on a single page. Compared to traditional reporting […]

How to Create Whale Curve in Excel: Free Excel Template Download

Whale curve can be easily created in Excel. Most of the Excel users trying to create Excel chart with whale curve are looking at visually analyzing and reporting their customer profitability. While this chart can be used by anyone in business – most of the users come from companies with large customer base like logistics […]

Financial Ratios, Statements, Analysis, Reporting and Planning Tips, Articles and Templates

Financial ratios, metrics, KPIs, financial statements analysis, financial reporting, planning, performance, financial dashboard development and more financial resources: Traditional Costing vs. Activity Based Costing Traditional costing treats overhead using the amount of a certain cost driver, like the volume of work hours required to manufacture a product. Cost driver is actually a point that triggers […]

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