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How to Read Financial Statements

How to Read Financial Statements and Quickly Understand Financial Results Reading financial statement can be tricky to someone with little or no knowledge of financial statements. Even the seasoned professionals require reminder on how to read financial statements. The facts about reading financial statements helps one grasp an idea of what is contained in company […]

Free Purchase Order Template, Form and Sample

Free Purchase Order Templates for Excel     When you are managing a company, simple track record is a must. Without having specific and reliable data, your own financial obligations tend to be extremely hard to know having any kind of accuracy and reliability. This is true mainly over any length of time. This is […]

Financial Statement Analysis in Excel

Financial Analysis and Reporting with Microsoft Excel Financial statement analysis is a approach to examining and studying the business financial statements for making better financial decisions. The statements above are the income statement, the balance sheet, the statement of cash flows, along with a statement for changes in equity. Financial statement analysis is usually a […]

Activity Based Costing and GAAP Accounting Rules

ABC and GAAP ABC or Activity based costing systems are not really compliant along with accepted principles in accounting. Having said that, this does not imply that ABC systems not necessarily helpful. ABC systems offer useful information for business managers, professionals, analysts and decision makers in general throughout the organization. But knowing the real similarities […]

What is Financial Reporting?

In business the communication of financial information is really important and can be detrimental to any organization if not done properly. Financial reporting is the communication of financial information throughout a business which makes it easier for the business owners and managers to make better financial decisions on credit, investments, operations, productivity, performance management, etc. […]

Productivity Improvement Techniques and Tips

Productivity Improvement Techniques for Business Managers     Productivity improvement is usually to do right important things better as well as ensure it is part of ongoing process. As a result, you should embrace effective productivity. It is the rate of output and input. Productivity is quantitative link between everything we create and what exactly […]

Vertical Analysis of Financial Statements

Financial Statements Vertical Analysis   Financial statement analysis is the examination and analyses of a company’s financial statements and documents as a guide in making better economic decisions.   Financial statements include balance sheet, statement of cash flow, statement of changes in equity, income statement and balance sheet; and they are analyzed through a process […]

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates, Definition and Examples

What is Cost Benefit Analysis? A cost benefit analysis (CBA) is a process that involves evaluating an intended course of action by determining its present and intended value. It is sometimes referred to as benefit cost analysis and it’s a technique that estimates the strength and weaknesses of alternative options during project evaluation, project proposals, […]

Activity Based Cost (ABC) Models and Analysis

Activity based cost is a management approach that recognizes those activities that the company executes, and after that designates indirect costs to products and services. An activity based costing process identifies the connection among expenses, systems and products and services, and by way of this particular relationship designates indirect costs to products and solutions significantly […]

The 3 Profit Margins in Financial Ratio Analysis

The following three financial profit ratios can be easily tracked and measured by using your income statement or profit and loss statement. While the content of any P&L statement might be different from one business to another, the layout of any P&L report follows the same logic. The top of the statement includes the revenue […]

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