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The Effect of Financial Ratios in Business Management

Use of Financial Ratios in Business Management Every company creates financial reports at the conclusion of every month and on a yearly basis. Reports like the income statement as well as balance sheet develop a overview showing how a company is operating. Nevertheless, to get a faster look at the company’s financial well being, so […]

Business Strategy Financial Performance Metrics

Business Strategic KPIs Linked to Financial Performance Metrics Your company’s strategic as well as financial outcomes are strongly connected, plus the overall performance in a single area make a difference to another. Higher level of financial efficiency can result from your successful strategy, however great financial outcomes allow you to go after strategies that need […]

Cost Allocation Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives of Cost Allocation Cost allocation will serve a number of reasons. As well referred to help as cost apportionment, this process of figuring out the main source of the cost plus assigning the main cost accordingly will be essential aspect in assisting companies budget options plus retain monitor of exactly where costs […]

Advantages of Activity Based Costing (ABC)

Advantages of ABC Costing (Activity Based Costing) Every business owner would all like to cut cost and maximize profits. It helps you to save a lot of money while making a lot in return. Now this is not a myth because you have a lot of businesses that achieve that goal. If you want to […]

How to Calculate Overhead Rate Depending On Direct Labor Costs

Simple Way to Calculate Your Overhead Rate Based On Your Direct Labor Cost Direct labor cost will depend on the quantity of hours worked and also the average rate per hour for labor straight active in the produce of goods. Overhead expenses are indirect costs, for example admin and also quality control. The main price […]

How to Calculate Depreciation Expense

How to calculate depreciation expense In business at times we tend to have assets such machineries, equipment etc. that are always going to depreciate in value over a period of time. Finance managers and the accounting department must always know the value of the different assets that their organization holds. The calculation of depreciation expense […]

Benefits of Activity Based Costing

What are the Benefits of ABC Costing Benefits of Activity Based Costing: When creating products, at times if you should analyze certain processes. You would see that it could’ve done a lot cheaper. For business managers this is quite normal. Sometimes they tend to make bold predictions and over estimate on a project. As a […]

Annual Report Design Templates

Annual Report Design Tips, Examples and Templates Annual Report Design Templates: Even those reports that will be focused on financial data have certain narrative explaining the numbers. For example the 10k report required by public organizations will be needed by SEC commission to document annual reports. In addition, particular sec instructions have standard format to […]

Life Cycle Cost Analysis Spreadsheet Templates

Life Cycle Cost Analysis Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tools: When doing business, certain projects can be really expensive. It can also get more expensive as the project development phase continues. This in itself can cause a lot of problems at times. For example you probably had already discussed the budget with your team and if […]

Financial Metrics Used in Project Management

Important Financial Metrics for Project Managers The main objective of any organization is to continue to improve profit margin. Continuous improvement process (CIP) also known as continuous improvement (CI) involves the process of product and service improvement. To determine whether there are improvements and tracking these improvements requires standard of measures called metrics. Financial metrics […]

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