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Actual vs. Target Value Excel Chart

KPI Development Template


Quality Report Format in Excel Templates

Excel Quality Report Format Templates Quality reports help you to give a brief summary of the quality of a certain operation or product in your organization. It’s an essential task that must be performed in any business. For example suppose you are figuring out if your product is ready to go to market. But before […]

Project Appraisal Techniques with Examples

Project Appraisal Techniques At times organizations tend to have lots of projects being started but they are not evaluated properly. As a result of that those projects will have a larger a risk of failing and when it does persons tend to play the blame game. That’s really not the way to do it when […]

Activity Based Costing Example Excel

Activity Based Costing Example with Excel In any business that is serious about strict budgeting, activity based costing can be useful. The reason why activity based costing is necessary is because it helps you as manager to see the true cost of what an activity is worth. By looking at the resources and the amount […]

Activity Based Costing Pros and Cons

ABC Costing Pros and Cons A lot of businesses who aren’t already implementing activity based costing in their organization can find it pretty useful if they tried. If they just rely on the plain traditional budgeting system which is still a bit effective but not as much as it used to. It can cause a […]

Advantage of Activity Based Costing

Advantages of ABC Activity Based Costing Keeping your project’s budget under control can at times be a difficult job to get done. Sometimes you might estimate then make a prediction that your project is totally on budget. Next when you see your actual outcome it was either over or under budget. This can affect your […]

How to Create a Quarterly Business Plan

How to Write a Quarterly Business Plan A number of circumstances may clarify the necessity to create a business plan which concentrates on a specific quarterly time period or 3 months. An organization may need approval in order to devote resources to some opportunity like a number of advertising and marketing initiative, for instance, which […]

Balanced Scorecard Performance Measurement Examples Templates

Balanced Scorecard Performance Measurement Examples Performance measurement is an important aspect of a balanced scorecard. One of the main reasons why is simply because it’s not enough to just set objectives. It would just make your balanced scorecard incomplete. If you just set objectives like that you will never know when that objective is met. […]

Business Analysis Valuation Using Financial Statements

Business Analysis Valuation Financial Statements At times analyzing companies is no easy job. Despite the fact that the top analysts at Wall Street usually rake in millions yearly there is always a lot of pressure on their shoulders to perform. One mistake even in a single value can cause a hedge fund, bank or other […]

Cash Flow Statement Example Excel Templates

Cash Flow Statements Examples in Excel Cash flow statement is a necessary part of any financial report. It helps to give stakeholders and executives an inside look on how well the company is receiving cash and how well they are using it to operate their business. To create a cash flow statement Excel is probably […]

How to Use Excel Spreadsheet Formulas

Tips on How to Use Excel Spreadsheet Formulas Over the years through each release, Excel has practically gotten better. The great thing is that as it keeps on getting better it gets simpler for new comers. The features have also gotten better as well. You can even use the spreadsheet data to create charts and […]

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